Can I get a refund if the listing isn’t what I was expecting?

We want you to have a great experience so if your accommodation doesn’t meet your expectations on arrival, here’s what you should do.


  1. Contact the Provider / speak with your Host

The fastest way to resolve an issue is usually to let the Provider know what needs to be fixed / attended to. You can then continue with your stay as booked.

2.     Contact us

If you can’t reach the Provider or they won’t address the issue, you can Contact Us for help. Make sure you keep a record of your issue (e.g. photographs) as this will help us understand what you're experiencing.

We’ll help you find a new place to stay or provide a refund if the listing is inaccessible, unclean, unsafe, or if there’s an animal present that the Provider didn’t mention in the listing description. Find out more in our Refund Policy.