How do I create my listing?

Select the type of accommodation, your listing title, description of the room, room details and resident details. Upload photos of the room, enter your availability and your room rate.

  • From your SRS Dashboard’s top menu, select Listings
  • Select Add Listing

This is where you’ll enter all the details for your StudentRoomStay listing, and this is the information that students will see while searching for a place to stay. 

  • Listing Details:
    • Choose the Type of Accommodation you are offering. 
    • Create a Listing Title  - this will be shown to the public on you listing.

      Example - Beach House

    • Enter a Brief Description of listing -  a one liner to attract more attention to your profile. Example - A beautiful room in a beach vibe home with a family of 3
    • Add a Description - for your home, room, family and facilities in paragraph form. 
      Example - We are experienced hosts and enjoy welcoming many guests to our home for a cultural exchange and comfortable accommodation. We have a five-bedroom home and three of us live here, Mother, Father and a 5 year old son.  Our dog, Doc, also lives here but she stays outside. Our pool, tennis court and spa are all free for guests to use at their leisure as well as general home facilities.
    • Enter your Full Address in the search bar, a list will generate, select your address. 
    • Enter Minimum Booking Period (Nights) if this is a feature you want to enforce.
    • Select whether your Guests Will Have This Entire Listing To Themselves.
  • Room Details:
    • Create a New Room.
    • Select Room Type.
    • Add Room Door Lock if this is an option on the room you're offering.
    • Select the Type of Bed and enter how many Beds In Room there are.
    • Choose the Bathroom Type offered to the Student. 
  • Resident Details:
    • Enter Residents details of everyone who stays in the accommodation you're offering. To do this:
    • Add Resident. Enter their details (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Phone, Email) and any other details you think the student should know. Click Save.
    • All residents you add must be added to the listing, they will appear in the drop down box under Residents at this Listing.
    • Hit Create Listing.
  • Next you will need to add your Facilities, Room Features, Local Amenities & Rules
    • Under each of the headings, select all that apply to your listing. 
    • If you have rules you'd like the Student to follow, enter them in the Custom Rules text box. 
    • Click Next.
  • Upload photos of your home, bedroom and any other areas the student will have access to.  Be sure to include good quality, clear photos of a clean room and common areas. 
    • Click Add Photos.
    • Then Upload Photos.
    • You can Add A Caption to each photo
    • You will need to select a cover image to appear at the front of your listing. We suggest the one that will be most appealing to a student. To do this, select Set Cover Image on the photo you choose. 
      • Click Next.
    • Enter your Available Dates
      • You can select dates for When Are You Away and Unavailable. Enter Specific dates using the From and To fields. You can also add a reason / notes if you wish. 
      • If you do not want the listing to be available for certain dates you must make them unavailable on this page. 
      • If you don't have dates to enter, Accept that you will be made available for all dates as default. 
      • Click Next.
    • Prices
      • Set your Price Per Day
      • Select the meal packages you would like to offer, if any.  The rates for these packages are predetermined. 
      • Set your Cleaning rate
      • Click Next.
    • You're almost done! If you can't think of anything else to add to your listing, click Submit For Approval 
    • If you think you've missed something, you can scroll down and hit Edit on any of the sections you want to change / add to. 
    • Once submitted, you will be returned to your SRS Dashboard, where you can view your Active, Pending, Under Review, and Archived listings
    • If you have another room, repeat the process!