Provider Payment Policy



This policy is subject to change at any time. Please check all SRS Policies on a regular basis for updates: Policy Page 


This SRS Site is an online marketplace where Students can view listings and obtain information about Student accommodation offered for rent by various Providers, including property owners, lessees, and managers. 

SRS offers payment services for transactions between Students and Providers. SRS collects payment from a Student and passes this payment on to the Provider after the deduction of the SRS Service Fee and any other applicable fees or charges. SRS cannot be responsible for payments to Providers where funds have not been successfully received from Students.

Service Fee

SRS charges a small fee for services including, but not limited to, site management and maintenance, 24/7 support services, payment processing.

Service Fees may change at any time but will not change during any individual booking without prior notice.

By registering as a Provider and approving a booking request you accept our Terms and Conditions and authorize SRS to deduct a Service Fee from your payment.  The Service fee will be equal to 6% of the total fees paid by the Student for amounts due to the Provider.

Fees due to SRS are exclusive of any VAT, GST, or other equivalent indirect tax, withholding, or other transaction-based tax in any country, state, or locality. 


SRS Providers are responsible for setting the nightly rate they wish to charge a Student for their accommodation. The rate set by the Provider should include the SRS Service Fee, taxes, and any other applicable charges and costs they will incur in providing the accommodation.

Students may browse the SRS site and submit a booking request for room(s) they wish to book. Once a booking request is approved by the Provider and SRS the Student will be issued with an invoice for the booking at the agreed rates. Providers cannot alter or negotiate the rate once a booking is approved. SRS accepts no responsibility for the rates listed and accepted by Providers.

Providers can visit our Help Centre for tips to assist them in setting their rates.

Meals and other services

SRS Providers may choose to offer optional meals by indicating this on their profile. To ensure consistency the applicable cost per meal is set by SRS and cannot be altered by the Provider. Payment for any meals purchased by a Student will be passed on to the provider after the deduction of the SRS Service Fee. 

Where applicable, the Provider is responsible for providing meals as described:

  • Breakfast - At a minimum it should be self-serve continental-style with food items such as cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt, juice and coffee made readily available for the Student
  • Lunch only – Students can prepare their own lunch using ingredients you provide e.g. sandwiches, salad, fruit or leftovers from dinner
  • Dinner only - A cooked meal you prepare for the Student (NOTE: it is common for homestay families to eat dinner together)


Inclusions and any other services offered by a Provider must be exactly as described. All items offered for sale will be subject to the SRS Service Fee. No other fees should be collected by the provider from the student directly unless agreed to by SRS staff.

Background Checks 

This section relates specifically to Providers who reside with the student in the property for the duration of their stay:

Each resident of the household over the age of 18 agrees to allow SRS to perform a national criminal (not credit) background check per resident. When a Student booking request is approved SRS will arrange the background check using information supplied by the Provider in the application process. The background check cost of $20 per resident will be deducted from the Provider payment for the first booking of an SRS Student. Background checks will be required once every three years. SRS will run the renewal upon expiry for Providers with a current student placement or upon accepting a booking request for a new student placement as part of the booking approval process.

Taxes and Payment Reporting

Providers are responsible for any and all applicable taxes, including sales, use, personal property, value-added, excise, customs fees, tourist, stay taxes, import duties or stamp duties or other taxes and duties imposed by governmental entities of whatever kind. 

As required by law, Providers who receive payments in excess of $600/year will receive an IRS 1099-MISC form from SRS. The 1099 form will identify your total receipts over the course of a calendar year. You will only receive one 1099 form, even if you hosted more than once, with a grand total of your payments. This is the gross receipts for your provider payments, not your taxable income as a Provider. The IRS and state and local authorities will tax your net income, which means you take your gross payment, deduct the expenses directly associated with providing the accommodation and services and then declare the balance as taxable income. 

More information on Tax can be found in our Help Centre however we recommend that Providers seek their own advice regarding Tax matters. 

To ensure accuracy, you will be required to complete a W9 form with the details for the person that is receiving the Provider payment. This needs to be supplied to SRS during the application process and prior to receiving your first payment.


By accepting a booking, the Provider agrees to be bound by the terms of the Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy and authorises SRS to process booking cancellations and Student refunds in accordance with these policies.

The cancellation policy is set at the time of booking and will apply to any cancellation requests. The Refund Policy provides more detail on the Student and Provider expectations and agreed actions in response to a booking issue that may supersede the cancellation policy. Where a student refund is authorised by SRS the Provider agrees and accepts that they will not be paid by SRS for the applicable services. If a provider has already been paid in advance the provider agrees to return the funds to SRS.

Retrieval of Overpayments 

SRS will contact the Provider if it is found that a Provider has been overpaid for a booking. Any excess funds are to be reimbursed to SRS via one of these methods.

  • If the Provider is due to receive a payment for an existing or upcoming booking within a month (4 weeks) of the overpayment being identified, SRS will deduct the excess funds from the Provider’s next scheduled payment.
  • If the Provider does not have a payment scheduled within a month (4 weeks) of the overpayment being identified, the Provider must transfer the excess funds to the SRS bank account. Account details will be forwarded to the Provider as required

Payment Schedule

SRS will process Provider payments during normal business hours Monday to Friday according to the Payment schedule. Providers will be paid for student bookings 3 days after the student’s successful check in (providers must confirm students’ arrival in the system to receive the first payment). Where the payment date falls on a Saturday or Sunday the payment will be processed on the following Monday. If the designated payment day falls on a bank holiday, payment will be processed the following business day.

Example Table:

Check in Day

Payment Day
















Providers will be paid for a maximum of 14 nights in each payment. For bookings of more than 14 nights the provider will be paid every 2 weeks for up to a maximum of 14 nights for the duration of the booking.

Where a Student and Provider agree to extend their accommodation booking SRS can only process payment to the Provider under the agreed cycle after SRS has received payment from the Student.

SRS will transfer payments to the Providers bank account electronically via ACH. The provider will be required to provide a bank account number prior to receiving payment. 

Payments processed to Providers will be less any agreed deductions as stated in this policy.

SRS is not responsible for payments missed or delayed because of a bank holiday, natural disaster, or major system failure. 

Providers must notify SRS immediately if they believe they have been paid incorrectly. 

SRS takes no responsibility for the retrieval of funds made to an incorrect bank account supplied by a Provider.


Last updated: August 2020