The Student wants to extend their stay. Can I make a direct arrangement with them for this?

We will give Students the option to extend their stay. Direct arrangements are not permitted.

When Students first make their booking they are given an option of choosing a Long Stay or Short Stay.
If a student has selected Long stay, they will be sent a prompt two weeks prior to the current paid period ending, giving them the option to request a booking extension.  If the Students do make this request, you (the Provider) will receive a new booking request for the next period of their stay.  You can choose to accept or decline these requests.  If accepted, the placement will be confirmed and payments will then continue on a fortnightly basis. This process will repeat until the Student confirms their final departure date.   If declined the Student will be required to move out at the end of the current paid period and your listing will be available for new bookings.
If the Student selected short stay in their initial application but does wish to stay with you longer than their booking - they will need to make a brand new booking with you using the same process they initially followed.