What is a Long Stay?

Long stay is the best option for bookings that will be 30 days or more.

When making a booking you will have the option to choose between a Short Stay or a Long Stay.

Long Stay may be suitable if you are staying more than 30 days and do not know your departure date or you do not want to book and pay for your entire stay up front. You can select just your arrival date and the period you would like to book and pay for initially.  After you arrive, we will send you an invoice to extend your stay should you wish.

Please note that your booking will only be confirmed for the period you book and pay for initially and we cannot guarantee availability beyond this period. If we are aware of any unavailable dates that may affect your ability to extend your booking with the provider, we will highlight these in the booking process.

If you know your arrival and departure date and want to book and pay for your entire stay up front to secure the provider for the whole period, then it is best to choose the Short Stay option.