What should I do if I want to extend my stay?

We will give you the option to extend your stay. Direct arrangements are not permitted.

The extension and payment will be managed through the SRS platform if you wish to extend your stay and the Provider agrees. You cannot enter into a direct arrangement with the Provider.

When you first make your booking you are given an option of choosing a Long Stay or Short Stay.
If you selected Long stay, you will be sent a prompt two weeks prior to the current paid period ending, giving you the option to request a booking extension (stay on with the same Provider) or confirm your departure date.  If you do wish to stay on you can choose a specific end date or to book an additional 30, 60 or 90 days. You can also change your meal package if the Provider offers options.
The Provider will receive a new booking request outlining what you have requested.  The Provider can choose to accept or decline these requests.  If accepted, you will receive an invoice for immediate payment.  Once paid the placement will be confirmed. This process will repeat until you confirm your final departure date.
If your Provider declines the booking, you will be required to move out at the end of the paid period.  You can arrange a new booking via the SRS website.
If you select the short stay option (less than 30 days) and specified your departure date when you made your initial booking and you now wish to stay with your Provider for a longer period, you will need to make a new booking via the SRS website.