What should I do before the Student arrives?

Contact the Student to provide arrival instructions and ensure their room is cleaned and ready to go.

Once a booking has been paid for and all details locked in by the Student, we’ll send you confirmation and you'll receive their email address and contact number. We encourage you to get in touch with your Student before they arrive to introduce yourself and send them photos.

You’ll need to provide them with instructions about the check-in process,  you can include directions from the airport, and, ask if there are any other things they would like you to know before they arrive. This could include things such as allergies to food, if you are providing it. 

Make sure the Students room is clean and set up and ready to go. Have your contact details somewhere accessible for the guest. You can create a directory to store in the room, include things such as transport info (cabs contact details, local restaurants, emergency services etc.). If you live near the beach, its a great idea to include a page of information about beach safety.