Do I just buy the food or do I need to cook for my student?

You can choose the level of homestay you provide from our list of packages.

Breakfast and Lunch are self-serve, so you will only need to have food available for your student but you do need to prepare it. We ask that dinner (if you’ve chosen to offer it) be served at least 5 days each week and include interaction and conversation with your student. SRS payments are reflective of each package offered; a reimbursement for our hosts for their costs and effort.

Meals may sound like a hassle at first, but our hosts confirm what we know to be true: that mealtimes are the best and most rewarding times to connect and build friendships with your student, especially if you are cooking for yourself or your family anyway. Including your student in mealtimes will make a much richer experience for everyone.

Be clear with your student which food is theirs and which food you would prefer they do not use. If you have chosen to host a student who is on a no meals plan, you only need to make the kitchen available to your student.