Airport Pick Up Procedures and Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for picking up an international Student from the airport.

→Download the Airport Pick Up Guidelines 

Thank you for picking up your Student from the airport! Having the assurance of a host family to meet and greet at the airport is a wonderful way to start off a good experience for guests. Your Student’s arrival information and details are available in HMS. If you have not yet confirmed their arrival, please log in to your account to confirm you will be picking up your Student. SRS provides new arriving students, prior to their arrival, with a detailed summary of travel arrangements and traveling tips.

Here are some guidelines for picking up a Student from the airport:

● Check online to see if the flight is arriving on time.

● If the Student is arriving from an international flight, plan for customs to take at least 1 hour.

● Have a method for contacting the Guest via text or email once he/she has arrived at the airport.

● Park your vehicle (do not plan to pick up at the curb).

● Arriving at a foreign airport can be an overwhelming experience for any adult, and more so for a teenage guest traveling alone. Students may be tired and overwhelmed. Please plan to greet them immediately after they exit the customs gate.

● The pick-up person should display a sign with the SRS logo and the student’s name (provided at the end of this document).

● Wait at the gate for the Student to arrive once they have exited customs.

● Once arrived, please provide identification for the Student or a printed copy of the student’s emergency card or placement report.

● Take pictures!

● Once arrived at the family home, Students under age 18 should be encouraged to contact their natural parents.

*Additional Requirements for Airport Pick Up for Guests Arriving to enter a 14 day isolation quarantine due to COVID-19:

● Only 1 household member should arrive to greet the Student at the airport.

● Masks should be worn by both the Student and the Host in the vehicle.

● To minimize the spread of any germs, hosts should regularly clean ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as car door handles, steering wheel and seat belts.

● Transport directly from the airport to the host home.

● Practice good hand hygiene with frequent hand washing or using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

● Cover coughs and sneezes.

● Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

● Follow quarantine guidelines as advised by your state or county health department or healthcare provider.

● Help Students seek medical advice if they develop COVID-19 symptoms. For more resources please visit the CDC website.

● Ensure there are no vulnerable people in the home e.g. people aged 70+, children under 5, pregnant, chronically ill or with respiratory issues