Do I have to provide transport?

No, you don't have to offer transport unless you want to.

This is an option. In many cities we offer a higher stipend for a premium offering where the host drives the student to and from school.  Otherwise students in our program use public transport at their own cost.

Most College age students are old enough to manage public transport on their own and prefer to do so. We just ask you to show them how to use it for the first few times.  If you are happy to provide transportation for Students you can note that on your profile and it is appreciated but not necessary.

If you are interested in hosting high school students, Host Families are often responsible for school related transportation. With this option, students need to be dropped off and picked up from school each school day.  Host families are also responsible to provide transportation if the student needs to stay late or arrive early for sports or activities.

Please indicate on your profile if this is not something you can supply, and we will only place students with you who don't need it.