Do I have to set house rules?

Yes, you need to set house rules and discuss them with your student upon their arrival.

It is important to set your house rules and expectations and communicate them clearly at the beginning of the homestay. Remember that young students are like young people everywhere: they may need to hear the rules a few times and be shown examples of what you expect in order for them to sink in. International Students may need some additional help understanding and extra patience as they are also adjusting to a new culture and location. Please be clear, firm, kind and patient as your student adjusts to living in your home. SRS can assist you with a base set of rules that you can modify to suit your home.

Not sure where to start? Below are printable resources to help you set house rules and guidelines:
→Download the Student Guide to House Rules (PDF)
→Download the Student Guide to House Rules (Word Doc)
→Download the House Rules blank template (to print and write in your own rules and guidelines)