Do I have to supply meals?

Generally no, supplying meals is not compulsory, but most students are seeking a homestay that provides one or more meals per day.

Providing meals is not required for our college and adult students, but most students looking for a homestay are wanting one or more host provided meals per day. Hosts of high school students need to provide three meals per day.

Below are the meal plan options for college students, host stipend rates for meal plans can be found on our Host Compensation page according to location. 

  1. Breakfast only: Continental-style breakfast. The Student prepares their own breakfast using food you provide  e.g. cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt, juice and coffee.
  2. Lunch only: The Student will prepare and pack their own lunch using ingredients you provide e.g. sandwiches, salad, fruit or leftovers from dinner.
  3. Dinner only: A cooked meal you prepare.
  4. Breakfast and dinner.
  5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. No meals.

Note: if you do not supply meals, you will need to allow your student to use the kitchen to prepare their meals. Please dedicate some space for them in the fridge and a cupboard/area to store their food. Ensure your house rules include information regarding cleaning up after themselves and suitable times to cook.