Is there a verification process?

Yes, all Hosts and permanent residents over 18 must complete a Criminal Background Check. Hosts must also complete an interview and home inspection with one of our SRS Customer Service Team members.

All Hosts and permanent residents in the home over 18 years of age are required to complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC). You will be directed to submit your details to our third party company to run the check during the application process.  CBCs cost $20 per check, with the cost deducted from your first payment that totals over $200. A new CBC must be obtained every 2 years for hosts of students in high school or younger or every 3 years for hosts of college students.  

In addition to completing a CBC, SRS hosts will also be interviewed by one of our Customer Service Team members. Once you’ve submitted your background check, you’ll receive a link to schedule your virtual interview and home inspection. All household members will need to be present and areas of the home such as the student's room, bathroom, and shared living areas, will also need to be ready to be viewed.