Student Arrival Checklist

A quick student arrival checklist for host families to ensure all key topics are covered during the student’s first week.

→Download the Student Arrival Checklist

Thank you for accepting a placement with SRS Homestay. In anticipation of your student’s arrival, we are providing a quick checklist to ensure all key topics are covered during the student’s first week with you.

❏ Confirm the student’s safe arrival on your SRS Homestay online profile.

❏ Exchange contact details - phone and email addresses. High school students should arrive with an “emergency card” provided to them by SRS Homestay with the host family contact information.  All students should have a copy of their placement report with host address and phone numbers.

❏ Provide front door key and show how to enter and lock up safely. Show how to use alarm if you have one; get the student to take a photo of outside the home and the nearest street corner on their phone.

❏ Talk about any food allergies and food likes and dislikes.

❏ Sit down together and go through your Home Tour Checklist and House Rules and Expectations Worksheet Provided at the end of the Host Family Handbook.

❏ Familiarize the student with your home and local area including dos and don’ts, safety concerns, etc.

❏ Show them where the local shops are.

❏ Show the student the procedure for transportation to and from their school including planned arrangements and times for drop off and pick up if necessary.

❏ School Schedule for High School Students – assist your student with school student orientation, and familiarizing them with their new school and school schedule, where to purchase school lunch, textbooks, uniforms, etc.

❏ If needed, assist the student to set up a SIM card (SRS is able to help provide students with SIM cards) and bank account (students under 17 are not typically able to set up a bank account).

❏ Take a photo with your student and send to your SRS Support Representative – (this would look great on our social media pages – Facebook or Instagram, will put the student’s parents at ease and can assist if they become lost)