Student Departure Checklist

A quick student departure checklist for host families and students to ensure a smooth departure from the host home.

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Hello Student,

With the end of your homestay approaching, we wanted to provide you with some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Departure - Please send your flight information to your SRS Customer Support Representative.  If you have plans to stay longer with your host family, please let us know so we can make arrangements with your host and invoice you for the additional nights.  Please remember that you must give both SRS and your host 14 days advance notice before ending your homestay.
  • Belongings/Storage - It is not your host family’s responsibility to store your extra belongings when you are gone from your host home. If you plan to return to the same home in the future, please discuss storage arrangements with your SRS Representative and host family directly.  SRS will invoice you for storage and will pay your host family.  SRS and the host family are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property. The family might have other people stay in your room while you are gone so please keep this in mind when leaving your things in the room. Do not leave anything of value if you are worried about it being damaged. You will need to pack everything into boxes and store it in a closet or a place your host family agrees to if you have chosen to leave anything at all.   You can read more about our Storage Policy at
  • Room Holding Fee  If you would prefer to hold your room and plan to return, you may choose instead to pay a room holding fee.   Please discuss the arrangements with your host and your SRS representative.  You can read more about our Room Holding Policy at
  • Leave your room clean - There will be a minimum $300 cleaning fee if your room is left untidy. You will also be invoiced for any damages (soiled or stained carpets, broken furniture, etc).  Please use the following checklist to ensure you fully understand the standards of a clean room. If you have cleaned and checked off the following list, you will have cleaned your room well enough to not be charged the cleaning fee.
    • Wash your bedding
    • Make your bed with clean linens
    • Throw away ALL garbage in your room
    • Vacuum all carpeted areas in your room
    • All of your items should be removed from the closet
    • Wipe down all surfaces to remove dust. This includes your desk, dresser, nightstand, bookshelf etc…
    • If you rearranged the furniture differently from when you moved in, please move items back to their original place.
    • If you have a private bathroom or sink, you must clean this area before you go. This includes wiping down counters/mirrors, cleaning the sink/toilet/shower, and wiping the floors down. 
  • Thank you note - American’s always appreciate a thank you note or card.  Please consider writing a short thank you note or card for your host family letting them know that you appreciate them and what they have done for you this year.

We hope that you have had a good experience with your homestay.  Please take some time to help us with some feedback by completing our Student Exit Survey.

If you have any questions, please contact the SRS Support Team at 1(877)385-8425 or email us at