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Trust & Safety

Student safety is always our #1 priority at StudentRoomStay.

We operate with the highest standards in the industry.

One of the most vital aspects of our services is the student homestay program through our StudentRoomStay Concierge platform, and we strive to provide the industry-best in this area. Via today’s technology, students can tour prospective homes and hold virtual meet-and-greets with the families who will have the great responsibility and privilege of hosting them. 

In summary, we remain closely involved and connected with all parties from beginning to end and do everything in our power to facilitate an ideal learning environment and American homestay experience. It is this commitment to communication and excellence in our student homestay program that sets us apart in the international student industry.

For students who are seeking to ensure the safety of their accommodation, we conduct criminal background checks on providers and their residents over the age of 18 who have the SRS Secure Badge.  Hosts with the SRS Secure Badge also have completed a virtual home inspection at the bare minimum.  Many of our SRS Hosts request to have a criminal background check and virtual inspection to ensure students that their home is safe.

The safety of our accommodation Providers is also extremely important to us. Providing accommodation for students is generally one of the safest ways to rent out your property. Unlike the clientele on vacation rental platforms, the Students on our platform are not looking for a place to vacation—they are looking for a home to live in, study in and thrive in for a period of time. Students generally stay in their accommodation for at least the length of one school semester. This is beneficial for our Providers because they will not have to constantly prepare their property for a new tenant or worry about the character and cleanliness of new tenants on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide a safe, stress-free and pleasant accommodation experience for our Students, Providers and Hosts.