Who can host and what is required?

All types of individuals and families can make great hosts!

Traditional families, non-traditional families, single people, roommates and friends living together – any person or group who is willing to share daily life with an international student can be a host.

We want our pool of host families to include a wide spectrum of families – families with different religious beliefs, races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We don’t want to exclude any families who believe they can be amazing hosts.

As an SRS Homestay host you must:

  • Make yourself and your home available to your student. Our hosts must be able to provide a clean, comfortable and private bedroom for students.
  • Hosts must speak clear and correct English in the home.
  • Help your student settle into a comfortable and safe home and help them to learn. You will be willing to make them feel at home with conversation, support, inclusion in family activities and personal warmth. Ideally, you’ll have a sincere interest in other cultures and a desire to connect with new friends from around the world
  • Provide healthy food for your student if this is included in their service
  • Show your student around the community to assist the student to become familiar with the local area and customs, while in a relaxed and friendly household setting.
  • Help your student to access or organize important services e.g. setting up a bank account and mobile, and assist your student to seek medical or dental attention as necessary
  • Regularly Pass and maintain criminal background checks
  • Complete a virtual host training