Will I receive a stipend for hosting?

Yes, all SRS hosts receive a bi-weekly stipdent.

We know that overhead costs and maintenance expenses can rise as a result of introducing a new temporary member to your family. For this reason, we provide an agreed upon stipend to cover these expenditures.

All hosts receive direct deposit hosting stipends every 2 weeks. The amounts vary based on:

  • What meals and amenities you provide
  • Your location relative to the school
  • The cost of housing in your area
  • The age of the student.

We provide payments in a 2-week cycle because it means you get paid more frequently and always for the exact number of days you host. For a more in depth overview of payments, please contact your Customer Service Team member and they will be more than happy to assist you.

For more information regarding payments, please see the SRS Host Reimbursement Policy.